Shyamala Mani

I’m Shyamala and I’ve just started to develop my own portfolio site.

Basically, I’m a Mainframe Developer with 7+ years of IT experience in the corporate world. I’ve resigned my full-time job in Dec 2018 and have since then been a stay-at-home-mom trying my time and interests on a range of things. But I’ve not let my grip loose on mainframe and I keep checking IBM Mainframe communities and blogs regularly to see if there are any contests or suitable job openings for me to take up from home.

While experimenting with my interests, I try to write blogs and you can find the links to some of my articles here. I often deliberate on how it would be to write blogs for a living. I wish to find an answer for that soon .

At this point, I’m learning web development as it has been like a long-forgotten dream and I’m planning to create my own site from scratch and build my portfolio with more attractive and up-to-date credentials. More is said and less is done as I have my toddler to put the blame onšŸ˜‰.

Salesforce is another career interest which took me by its simplicity and effectiveness. But as my priority is to work only from home, it has not been the best option to pursue at the moment. But I still often learn some lessons on Trailhead whenever I feel that some day I’ll go to a full-time job!

On the other fronts, I’m a simple introvert who loves travelling, gardening, reading and spending time with animals. A lot of these things changed after having a baby and now I strive to be productive in all the minutes I find for myself. I’m constantly trying to fine-tune my habits to squeeze out that extra bit of productivity I can put in and want to reach some goal which I wish to achieve in near future.

If we have some common interests, we can get connected on LinkedIn here.

Thanks for checking this out! Have a nice day!