How to earn money online working from home?

Some useful links are towards the end of the post! Skip through the post and look for links if you don’t want to read in detail about all the options.

We are in the most happening age where we get to do most of our activities online. Likewise, there are many opportunities to earn money online as well.

We all might have heard from others or tried ourselves to earn through blogging. But earning by blogging really needs work, time and patience. Once you learn from your mistakes, blogging is sure to reward you, provided you keep on working.

Another famous way to earn online is by registering on freelancing platforms and completing tasks for agreed payment amounts. Due to the high competition, we really need luck and skill to earn good in this.

Affiliate marketing is yet another way where our only work is to reach as many people as possible and when they buy a product or register using your referral link, you get paid for advertising. This is a great way to earn but you should build a great audience who would register or buy through your links. For example, this is my Amazon’s affiliate link for the electronics category with best lowest price.

I would suggest to check out Tester Sign-Up | test IO if you can test websites and apps. Else another great and easy way if you are ready to spend flexible hours to complete some online work such as rating and reviewing advertisements or categorising them, then sign up for Appen.

To earn money online, it is imperative to first register and create your paypal and payoneer accounts and get them verified and connected to your bank accounts. All websites pay using either one of these methods. While payoneer is beneficial to us in terms of their fees, some merchants still pay using paypal. So it is better to setup both at the start itself.

After so many tests and trials I found an online testing site that is legit and pays well. If you have a knack to test websites and apps, you can sign up and test here Tester Sign-Up | test IO. It has a series of on-boarding tests though which is quite easy to clear and accepted bugs are paid. After you are accepted as a tester, you will be invited to test real clients’ sites or apps and paid better. Tester Sign-Up | test IO

Another legitimate way to work remotely is for a company called Appen Butler Hill. This is my personal favourite. They have even won awards for the best company with remote work culture. Though there is no guarantee on the no. of projects and money you can earn from them, it is definitely a decent side income. If you are lucky enough, you will get high-earning projects based on your demographics and their demand. You have to sign up with your resume and government id proofs and also link your paypal/payoneer. You will then be contacted thru email to sign some documents. Once you have access to their projects, you can apply to as many projects available and keep checking back to apply for new projects. Once you are qualified for some project, you will be contacted via mail and you can proceed work. Some projects require qualification quizzes. So head up to this link and sign up for some side income every month. Current Opportunities

I first earned online by testing some websites on which is a legitimate testing platform with many reputed clients. There is an onboarding test where we should find and submit bugs from some shopping websites they share with us, to the tech lead. If our bugs are accepted, we are paid a small fee for the onboarding tests. Once we are approved, the payment per bug increases depending on the severity level of the bug. You get invited whenever there are matching tests available for your profile and you can accept and test if it interests you and if you have time for it. I love this platform though there are many other testing websites too. There are people working on this who have turned full time employees! So go ahead and give it a try on

My second income was through Amazon affiliate marketing. Though I haven’t made it big yet, I’m hopeful.

My third income was through valued opinions surveyor in the form of Amazon gift cards. This is a genuine site with no scams but it is time-consuming and you spend 10-20 or sometimes 30 minutes to earn 30-60 or 90 INR.

Clixense is a trusted site that pays for various tasks, surveys and offers. Though I haven’t spent more time with it, it is claimed to be the best scam-free site to earn passive income.
Appen Butler Hill is my current and most favourite amd convenient remote working job and I’d recommend it to all of you as you will be always guided and there is a support team to reach out to of you get into any issues.

The popular methods are blogging, affiliate marketing and freelancing. To me, blogging and freelance coding or testing makes sense. You need to be determined and patient to earn money online in a genuine way instead of just clicking on ads or viewing videos.

Thanks for reading. Hope this post helps someone earn a little more money. If you have any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll definitely take your suggestion.

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