Intro to pregnancy

Hearty congratulations on your baby
Congratulations on your baby

It is every individual’s choice to have a baby or not, be it if they are single, married, in a relationship without a wedlock or what not. And people should understand that even married couples might not clearly feel the need or connection to have their own baby. One should not have a baby because others are having or just because others keep asking. A baby is a new little person who comes into the world only because you decide to have him/her. So for a very long time, you are solely responsible and you should understand the role you have signed up to take care of the baby in all ups and downs. But it is also a natural human tendency that even the most not-so-mommy or daddy types of people fall in love with their little ones, once they see those tiny little fingers and gummy smiles. And on the other hand there are people who don’t really think much before becoming a parent and later regret when they don’t feel connected as a parent or when their priorities and purpose in life is hindered by the new time, attention and love seeking tiny bundle. But if you are that person who really wants to become a mom or dad for the love of it, read on.

If you are trying to get pregnant, though many people get conceived without a lot of trials, it is a good practice to follow healthy food habits (avoiding junk and eating as fresh as possible when hungry and not over-eating) and a fitness routine (a regular walk is enough). This applies to anyone during all walks of life and especially when becoming a parent.

Once the two red lines in your pregnancy testing kit mark your good news, you will be bombarded with all kinds of free pieces of advice from well-meaning people. But most of them want you to be way too careful like not walking or they force you to eat for two. See, when you have just conceived, the baby will be smaller than a peanut and later about the size of a peanut for a long time and you cannot and need not eat for two people (adult size portions) as adviced. Eat as much as you can keep down. If you are the one who throws up often during pregnancy, try finding foods that your tummy will accept and eat as and when you can. Just remember to not be exhausted and hungry. You can be as active as you please and keep working until you feel it is fine unless your doctor diagnoses any complication. Eating and drinking adequate fluids and having a good rest plus some walk is all you need to do while being pregnant. And yes, mental peace also helps the baby’s mood inside the womb. So throughout your pregnancy, try and relax and be cheerful, as good vibes are important for the baby.

Our very own gift of love
Gift of Love

Getting pregnant is one thing. Both the husband and wife will understand this phase and pass through it with significantly less distress. We will be so busy focussing on the pregnancy phase, reading books on pregnancy (passport to healthy pregnancy is really a good book I would recommend that breaks some myths on pregnancy and also acts as a guide on our progress and the baby’s progress at every stage, Indian users can check out the book from here), do’s and don’ts, healthy food habits, exercises, weight gain, mood swings, etc., that we totally give a blind eye to what’s coming up next. The baby! Yes. Most new parents are not well prepared to know what they should be expecting when the pregnancy ends and the new life begins outside the mom’s womb. From my personal experience and from a few friends, I’m putting together some tips on what to expect and how to be prepared for labour and delivery in my next post.

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