Its a diapering world!

Most new mothers and even mothers who have had children before, strictly diaper their babies from the get, set, go when the baby is new to the world. Very rarely do mothers use cotton cloth squares to wrap around babies anymore. Even then, that cannot go on forever. Babies usually have the cotton clothes still, only until they learn to roll over and pinning them is again a poking hazard when the baby rolls over.

So just like many other things, the modern parenting world has come up with a solution, which is the cloth diapering model. Not only that the other disposable use-and-throw paper/synthetic diapers end up being costlier in the log run, they also get dumped as much as an ocean from just one household. Imagine the pollution they cause to the environment. It takes at least 200 years for a diaper to break down and decompose. And they are also not really skin-friendly. If they were, why would so many diaper rash creams be sold just beside these diapers? They are filled with chemicals and the material is not skin-friendly and might cause irritation.

Three chief key points to take away from this post is that the regular disposable diapers that are more popular and widely used religiously are

– Costlier in the wrong run. Calculate the no. of packages you would order until your kid successfully potty trains.

– Bad for your baby’s skin

– Get dumped and take 200 years to break-down and decompose.

How to go green on diapering?

Cloth diapers on the other hand, are skin-friendly. They are not packed with chemicals and can be reused again and again after washing. So we save our baby’s skin and save the world by going green on diapering. There is no need to dump them in the trash or burn them. They are also cost-effective as we would only need to buy a few cover diapers or All-in-ones and some cloth inserts only once. We can also save them for our next babies. Many parents who don’t have plans to have further children, sell them as second hand used products for a slightly lesser price. There are a huge no. of buyers for that too.

The diaper sizes are adjustable and hence we could use the same ones from 4 months to 2 years. In some brands, there is a separate size for tiny newborns.

Cloth inserts also come in many varieties and sizes from just cotton to organic cotton to bamboo cotton. Their absorption increases after the first wash and they are so good that after removing the diaper, we won’t be able to feel the wetness on the inside.

Cloth diapers come in attractive colours and prints. Most often parents don’t dress up their kids with additional bottoms over the cloth diaper as just the diaper itself is trendy and appears to be well-dressed.

If you would like to try cloth diapers for your babies and toddlers, please check out this link for reasonable prices.

I recommend Superbottoms (check their dedicated site) if you are in India as there are many testimonials for its consistent quality and I also use the same for my kid (also available on Amazon). You can also check if they do international shipping. Here is a link to get a small discount on your supperbottoms order.


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