Must-have checklist for your new baby

In the third trimester, after the eighth month, the tummy really grows big as the baby grows towards it’s full size and many times, the head also lowers towards the cervix making you look loaded and weighing down. It is in this time that we should be very careful and also stay as active as possible. Care should be taken when you put pressure on your abdomen even while getting in and out of a vehicle or a high bed.

Be prepared to be bombarded with stares and questions on your due date. Most new moms and many times even second time moms are worried about their preparedness for the baby. But no matter how you prepare yourself, listen to the doctor during the labour and remember to relax. That really helps and eases the important part of childbirth.

In all the confusion, you should also be prepared to receive the baby! It is wise to note down the things you will need immediately and until a month after for yourself and the baby and get them ready beforehand. So that when the baby arrives you can focus on him/her instead of hurrying to the stores or shopping online without time to research.

Here’s a list of things which are required even at the hospital after delivery.

  1. 3 sets of clothing for the baby. You can get unisex if you don’t know the gender of the baby yet. Or buy new born girl or boy clothes of your choice. The hospital will provide with a wrap and one set of clothing while they hand over the baby to you. But if you are made to stay for a day or two longer at the hospital, then you will definitely need changing clothes and the below things. Check for nice baby clothes with discounts on Firstcry and Amazon’s baby section.
  2. Soft baby towels.
  3. Soft blankets. Please get cotton ones and not heavy or the ones with cushion or foam in it. If you are covering your baby with a blanket you should be very careful that the face doesn’t get accidentally covered by the baby. It might lead to suffocation. So don’t leave loose ends that the baby can take and play with their hands or cover by mistake.
  4. Diapers. But for new babies, thin cotton squares are preferable. You can buy them or cut from any of your cotton clothes or sarees. Diapers may cause rashes on the young skin which isn’t used to the outside world yet. You can also go for cloth diapering. Read my post here about the benefits of cloth diapering.
  5. Baby wipes. Please go for unscented wipes.
  6. Baby bathing soap or body wash. I recommend the unscented ones as in Dove for babies. Strong scents are never good for babies.
  7. Mittens and socks.
  8. Sweaters.
  9. Scarves. But if the weather at your place is hot, do not over-wrap your baby with sweaters and scarf. Baby should be in a comfortable body temperature. New baby shouldn’t be so cold that the body temperature falls below desirable level or too hot that it might even lead to SIDS. Seriously baby’s temperature rises and drops real fast.
  10. Nursing pillow. This one is really very useful and when the baby grows, you can use it in numerous ways at different stages. I’ve used it so much for support when mine started to sit by himself.
  11. 3 sets of feeding or nursing gowns or nighties for yourself. Double t-shirts also work well to nurse.
  12. 3 sets of nursing bras. Go for unwired, unpadded bras which fit well. Tight bras might engorge your lactating breasts. So get a size bigger than your usual size. It is really fine to be bra-less too if it is going to be tight.
  13. Clean pure cotton underwear (panties) for yourself.
  14. Menstrual pads or napkins. You cannot and should not use tampons until at least 6 weeks of delivery but you will be bleeding.
  15. Your body wash or soap.
  16. Shampoo.
  17. Comb and hair accessories.
  18. Moisturizers if you need them.
  19. I would not recommend perfumes or sprays around the baby unless they are really mild and you really need it.
  20. Comfortable sandals or slippers.
  21. Your phone and charger or power bank.
  22. Most important is your hospital card or chart with your insurance company card and if not, your debit or credit card.

These are the things you should take to the hospital. Now I’ve listed some more things that are essential in a home with a newborn baby in this post here.

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